This page is home to questions that the management company and the board feel are important to most, if not all, residents.  This list includes topics that explain what the HOA does, needs of the residents, common questions asked at board meetings, and even a few rumors that need debunked.

Community Center
  • Is there a fitness space within the community center?
    There is not a fitness center.  Please refer to this link for info on the center.
  • What is the cost to rent the center?
    To rent the community center you must provide $500 for the security deposit, $200 for the rental fee, and an additional $35 per hour for security if applicable.  See Link for detailed breakdown.
  • When can I expect to receive my returned security deposit?
    Your security deposit is subject to how the center was left after your event.  Your deposit would be returned to you, less any charges, in the form of a check mailed to your residence within thirty days from your event date.
  • Will there be another community center?
    Gleneagles was master planned to have one pool and one community center.  This is inclusive of both Gleneagles North and South.

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Home Owner's Association
  • Can I make payments online?
    You may make an online payment using the 'Make a Payment' feature under the members tab.  There is also a link on the home page to the online payment portal. 
  • How are HOA dues calculated?
    HOA dues are assessed based on the value of your home.  The value for any property can be found on the State of Maryland website.  In 2019, each owner’s dwelling was assessed a rate of .0022 on the value of their unit.  This was a decrease from the previous year 2018, where the rate was .0023.

  • What do my HOA dues go toward?
    Your annual assessments go toward payment of management fees, office expenses (including postage and supplies), maintenance of the common grounds (mowing, edging, general beautification, etc.), insurance, property and income tax, legal representation, electrical expense for streetlights and common areas including community center, the community pool, etc. 
    You may access the annual budget at any time through the member's document library.

  • Can I voice my concerns to the landscapers directly?
    The grounds company is contracted by Gleneagles.  To have an issue remedied it must come from your management team at Clements Bay.  Contact us using this link.
  • How often does the grass in HOA controlled common areas get cut?
    The grass is cut approximately every seven to ten days dependent upon weather.  Some areas are still developer controlled and maintained by them.
  • I've noticed trash in a particular region of the neighborhood, who do I contact?
    If you notice trash within the neighborhood, please contact Clements Bay Management Group.  As a reminder, please secure your trash as windy days can scatter your trash throughout the neighborhood.  It is a shared responsibility to keep our neighborhood looking its best.  
  • When it snows, who is responsible for the roads?
    Single family homes are located on public roads.  That falls under the responsibility of Charles County Public Works Roads Division.  They can be reached at 301-932-3450 or at 1-888-460-SNOW.  
    Residents of the townhomes within Gleneagles are assessed a separate  townhome fee that facilitates road maintenance on the private roads on which they are located.  For concerns regarding these roads, please contact Clements Bay Management Group, LLC.
    For residents located in a currently developing parcel.  The developer maintains the roads until they have completed that portion.  
  • Will the Grounds company maintain my lawn?
    The grounds team has been contracted to maintain the common areas only.  Maintenance and up-keep for individual lawns are the responsibility of the property owner.

My Residence
  • Do I have to put in an application to do [blank]?
    An exterior alteration application would need to be completed if you wish to alter the appearance of your home.  That applies to any/all updates that would change the current esthetic.  Example: If you wish to give your front door a new coat of paint, no application is needed if you are using the same color found on the door already.  With that example no change would be made to current esthetic; it would look the same.  If however you wished to change that color, you are now requesting to alter the exterior appearance and must file an exterior alteration application before starting.  You can access the form by clicking this link.
  • I am interested in installing a storm door, does that need an application?
    This is one of the few exceptions where an application may not be needed.  The guidelines read on pg 46, "If stormdoor color and style are chosen that match the front door, and storm door is of a straightforward design, without extensive or extreme decorative embellishment, a formal application is not required."  However, "All other types of door and window alterations require an application. All applications should include descriptions of material, color and style to be used. The Committee will not approve raw metal or silver storm windows or doors."
  • I'm a new resident, does the HOA handle concerns with my property?
    If there are concerns about your property, the HOA would not be the ones to contact.  The home owner's association is responsible for common areas and mutual amenities found therein.  Individual properties fall to the responsibility of the property owner.  If it was a recent purchase please contact your developer or the seller to assist you, dependent on your situation.

  • Is there a parking policy?
    At this time there is not a parking policy in place for Gleneagles.  Park with courtesy to your neighbors, being sure not to block driveways or thru traffic.
    Please be extra cautious during the winter season.  Stay in designated parking spots and bear in mind that snow plows have to be able to patrol. 

  • What can be done about owners not picking up after their pets?
    There are pet waste stations found throughout our neighborhood.  We ask that in the event your pet defecates, please immediately dispose in the nearest waste station.  It is unlawful to leave pet waste under Charles County Law.  See Charles County Animal Regulations § 230-12.2 and § 230-12.3.  
    With proper evidence, action could be taken through financial penalty.  For your convenience, you may find the Charles County Animal Regulations in the document library, under Governing Documents.  These are the regulations that Charles County residents have been held to since September 1, 1991.  
  • What if I notice someone not using a leash for their pet?
    Leash laws are a county wide mandate.  It supersedes the Home Owner Association.  If you notice negligence on behalf of a pet owner please report to Animal Control, at 301-609-3425.  
    If you record the act, you have a better stance from which to take action.  Do not endanger yourself, however there is a better chance for resolution/penalty if evidence is provided to animal control.   

  • Are swim lessons offered?
    Swimming lessons are offered at the pool by certified Water Safety instructors.  Payment is to be made at the time of registration. Scheduling of swimming lessons are done by the pool manager. Watch for notices of classes posted at the pool.
  • Can I reserve the pool area?
    For a fee, the pool may be reserved by a Gleneagles resident for private parties on Friday and Saturday evenings from 9:00 PM to midnight.  Please contact the pool manager for details.
  • How old must my child be to go to the pool by themselves?
    A Gleneagles resident age 15 and under, except in certain circumstances, must be accompanied by a person age 16 years or older.  Children between the ages of 11 and 15 who have passed the swim test and have a parent’s permission card on file may enter the pool alone.
  • May I bring my pool toys?
    For safety reasons toys are not allowed at the main pool area.
  • Will there be multiple pools?
    Gleneagles was master planned to have one pool and one community center.  This is inclusive of both Gleneagles North and South.

Trash Collection
  • When is trash pick-up?
    Evergreen will pick up trash every Wednesday.  Trash cans may be taken out the night before, but must be put away following pick up.
    Please make certain your trash is secured.  High winds scatter your refuse and can lead to a degrading neighborhood appearance.  

  • Why do I need to register?
    Website registration is necessary to make center requests, RSVP for social events, and view documents pertaining to Gleneagles.  Registration also ensures you stay current with any messages that need to be delivered outside of traditional postage.