ATV/Dirt Bikes, a note from Community Officer Duley
Posted on Jul 22nd, 2020

Operating unregistered off road vehicles including All Terrain Vehicles ("four wheelers") and dirt bikes on county roads is prohibited by state law.  The maximum penalties for violating this law include imprisonment not exceeding 90 days and a fine not exceeding $500.  Additional secondary law violations that could potentially occur are as follows: driving without a license;  operating an uninsured motor vehicle; operating an unregistered motor vehicle; and if you fail to stop for a police officer that activates emergency equipment, fleeing and eluding.  This list is not all inclusive of potential charges that could result from this act.
Additionally, off road vehicles may not be operated on private property without the property owner's written consent in their possession at the time they are operating the off road vehicle.  The maximum penalties for this violation are also imprisonment not exceeding 90 days and a fine not exceeding $500. Gleneagles' board of directors has not and will not grant permission to operate off road vehicles on common home owners association owned property.
Both of these offenses are not simple traffic violations.  You could be subject to arrest and your off road vehicle could be impounded, and juveniles are not exempt from these laws.  Not only are these acts against the law, they are generating a larger than normal call volume to the Charles County Sheriff's Office for these violations.  Please consider your neighbors as off road vehicles generate loud noise and damage personal property by destroying grass and other foliage.  Thank you for your consideration on this matter.