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Snow Plow Procedure, Please Read
Posted on Dec 9th, 2019

The snowy season is upon us, and with it comes possible confusion on the procedure for street plowing.  With our community being both diverse in unit type and geographically vast; a map is the best place to start.
Areas in green, denote the townhome communities which are on private roads left to the association's responsibility for plowing and maintenance.  Blue, marks the roads that the developer, Lennar/St. Charles, is still responsible for as development is ongoing.  Finally, in yellow, you will see that all single family homes reside on county roads.  These streets are what impact the vast majority of our community.  Snow plow procedures for the county can be found below.  The HOA and Lennar both adhere to the same guidelines that are established by Charles County.  
Let this also be a reminder that the sidewalks in front of your home are your responsibility for snow removal/deicing.  There is the potential for slip and fall accidents, so please be cautious and plan accordingly.
Thank you and stay warm out there!